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Importance of Safety at School

When it comes to education, the subject of safety demands equal emphasis. ‘School safety’ strives to protect students, teachers, and other school personnel from natural and man-made calamities such as violence, harassment, bullying, and substance abuse. The goal of school safety is to safeguard future generations from the detrimental consequences of such events.

School is one place that is supposed to be every child’s safe place. Many youngsters nowadays suffer from emotional stress from an early age. This might be due to a variety of factors, including 

1. Working parents are unable to devote enough time to their children 

2. Performance pressure and competitiveness among siblings or friends

3. An unhealthy lifestyle

4. Illiterate parents or instructors

5. There is less social engagement with classmates 

6. Kids talk or engage with strangers which goes un-noticed

Protecting school safety offers a more encouraging and learning atmosphere for students. Children are more at ease in the school environment when their fundamental needs are met. It also allows children to investigate, learn, and grow. In any other case, children would be discouraged and may avoid attending school or engaging in other curricular or extra-curricular activities.

Students of all ages require a safe and secure environment. It aids in the development and maintenance of their academic focus. Students would be unable to concentrate on their schoolwork if there was violence or a threat. Students represent a nation’s future, yet a dangerous atmosphere will have a negative influence on their academic achievement. According to research, children who feel insecure at school are more likely to perform poorly in their academic lives. As a result, the necessity of safety is equally crucial when it comes to student grades.

The necessity of safety is recognized by all decision-making authorities. As a result, guaranteeing the safety of students and teachers in schools and other educational institutions is a top priority at all levels of government, including the state, municipal, and federal. School boards have meetings with teachers and parents to listen to their problems and come up with mutually agreed-upon solutions. People are becoming more conscious of the importance of this issue, and as a result, the government and related agencies are taking appropriate efforts to address it.

Safety solutions such as RFID/GPS/CCTV-based Student Tracking Solutions improve safety and aids in addressing the aforementioned concerns. RFID student monitoring solutions monitor and track your child’s whereabouts while en route to school, on the school campus, and on his return journey from school to home. This technology also assists in tracking children as they enter and exit school, even if they go by methods other than the school bus. It also includes an Auto-Attendance App, OTP-based pickup or drops for handing over children to authorized people, and campus zoning for tracking inside the school and protecting vulnerable areas.


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